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Say Hi (Again) to Adams Contracts!


Last month, on the occasion of the Association of Corporate Counsel annual meeting, I announced that Adams Contracts was open for business.

But that launch was a little understated, because we still had work to do. We've done a lot of that work, so allow me to introduce you, once again, to Adams Contracts. Here's what has changed:

  • We're uploading later today our boilerplate template, which allows you to create a set of the "miscellaneous provisions" found at the back of every contract.
  • We've extensively troubleshot our confidentiality agreement template. 
  • XpressDox has kindly customized, to our specifications, the interview you complete when using our templates.
  • I've created this demo video.
  • I've created a newsletter, the successor to my longstanding Adams on Contract Drafting newsletter. It contains links to recent posts on both my blogs, as well short musings about whatever's on my mind. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

So I'll now do what I haven't done previously—reach out to my various constituencies to explain why if you want customized contracts, Adams Contracts offers the only escape from the copy-and-paste machine.