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Our Templates

Our Initial Templates

Our Initial Templates

We’re starting small. Our first two templates are a confidentiality agreement template and a boilerplate (or “miscellaneous provisions”) template.

Why those two? Because we have done the necessary research. Pretty much everyone is exposed to confidentiality agreements, and all contracts feature boilerplate, so these two templates will help us get word of Adams Contracts out to all parts of the contracts community.

The Different Versions

The Different Versions

Our confidentiality agreement comes in different versions. There’s the full version, with no default answers selected—you’ll be asked lots of questions.

Then there are versions with default answers selected, so you can create a basic version by answering no questions or adjusting only a few of the default answers:

  • For a commercial context (one-way and mutual)
  • For employment
  • For mergers-and-acquisitions (one-way and mutual)
  • Either way, what’s in the contract you create is within your control.
The Technology

The Technology

After surveying the market, we’ve elected to use XpressDox document-assembly software. 


We offer monthly and annual subscriptions for as many people in your organization as you want, and they get to use our templates as often as they want. You pay by credit card.

Your subscription will more than pay for itself: You save time in creating your confidentiality agreements. And by having confidentiality agreements that are clear, concise, and relevant, you also save time in negotiating and in monitoring enforcement. And that doesn't take into account the intangibles: the risk you've reduced and the improved morale of your contracts personnel.


What’s Next

Our next templates will be for transactions where, generally, more is at stake and more could be customized. We expect to invite companies and trade groups to partner with us to develop templates.

See this blog post for more about that.