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Our Boilerplate Template

Our boilerplate template allows you to create, by providing answers in an interview, many of the provisions routinely found at the back of most contracts. Such provisions address governing law, jurisdiction, indemnification, force majeure, notices, and so on.

Ken Adams has researched boilerplate extensively, applying to it his unique skill in determining what doesn’t make sense and how best to say what needs to be said. For a summary of that research, see Ken’s post on the Adams on Contract Drafting blog entitled My Boilerplate Materials, which he keeps updated.

As with all our templates—those currently on display and those we have yet to build—we promise that they will allow you to create, quickly and cost-effectively, contract language that’s better than what you’ll find elsewhere. But they’ll still be a work in progress. In particular, Ken has yet to tackle some boilerplate, notably some aspects of limitation-of-liability provisions. And we might want to expand our treatment of other topics, for example indemnification. But just because there’s work yet to be done, that’s no reason not to make available what we have now.

To access our boilerplate template, go to our XpressDox site, here.