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Our Clients

We’re new, so instead of telling you about actual users, we’ll tell you why you might want to become a customer of Adams Contracts:

  • If you want to create a confidentiality agreement for a single transaction, or if you want to create a new template, you might subscribe to our confidentiality agreement template for just one month.
  • If you need to create confidentiality agreements regularly, you might subscribe to our confidentiality agreement template for a year. That way, you would have access to all the different configurations, instead of being limited to what you get when you use our template just once to create a single contract. And you’d have the benefit of our updates to template text and guidance.
  • You might subscribe to our boilerplate template for a year, so for all your contracts—whether you’re drafting or reviewing—you have access to the clearest, most relevant, and best-informed provisions and guidance.
  • If your organization has enough of a deal flow, you might want to have several people subscribe. We offer discounts based on how many people subscribe.
  • We plan on expanding, so you might subscribe to additional templates as they roll off the production line. Confidentiality agreements and boilerplate are a sensible place to start, but our next templates will be more compelling. So you might subscribe to our initial templates as a vote of confidence in our vision of contract drafting free of the dysfunction that comes with being shackled to the copy-and-paste machine. We’re the only ones offering that vision.
  • You might find our templates sufficiently valuable that you want to make use of the related services we offer. Go here for more about that.

Whatever your basis for subscribing, the underlying reason would be the same: it would be because you recognize the compelling advantages we offer. Ken Adams doesn’t offer perfect, but he does offer better. With his expertise and the flexibility afforded by document-assembly software, your contracts will be clearer, more concise, and more relevant. That saves time and money, it makes for better deal outcomes, it reduces risk, and it improves the morale of those who work with contracts.

Relying on someone else’s contract language requires a leap of faith. Our templates weren’t prepared by anonymous lawyers or by a committee. Instead, they’re backed by Ken Adams and his hard-won reputation.