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"Contract Templates: Making a Fresh Start"—Recording Now Available

27 February 2024

ACC LDM 21 Feb 2024-1

On 21 February 2024, I spoke on the topic of "Contract Templates: Making a Fresh Start". It was an hour-long live web event hosted by the Law Practice Management Network of the Association of Corporate Counsel. The recording is now available. Like the event itself, it's available at no charge to everyone—you don't have to be an ACC member.

To access the recording, go here. If you previously registered for the event, click the "Log in now" link under the green "Register" button, to the right. If you didn't register for the event, click on the "Register" button, then, on the page you're taken to, click the "Log In" button, if you're an ACC member or if in fact you did previously register. Otherwise, click on the "Create Account" button. To register, you give your name and an email address. Once you've registered, clicking the "Join Program" tab on the page for the event will allow you to click a link to access the recording. And under the "Program Materials" tab there's a link to a document I wrote entitled Some Propositions Regarding Contract Templates.

Here's what I said in the previous blog post about this event (here):

The topic—proposed by yours truly—is "Contract Templates: Making a Fresh Start." That's a revolutionary topic: because there's so much about the world of contracts that could be improved, it's time to consider starting over, with new templates and a different process. It's standard for companies to tinker with their templates, but I've not encountered anyone discussing starting over. This will provide an opportunity to discuss what doesn't work in contracts, and what might work.