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We Use XpressDox


It’s a good idea to be careful when slinging around the term “legaltech.” I think it’s best to apply it only to companies that build software used in furthering a legal-industry purpose.

Is Adams Contracts a legaltech operation? No—we don’t build software. We use off-the-shelf document-assembly software. If that makes us legaltech, a law firm should be legaltech because it uses Microsoft Word to draft contracts.

But I don’t say that to downplay the role of technology. Document-assembly software enables what we do.

There are many companies that offer some form of document-assembly software. After considering several candidates, we chose XpressDox. One thing I like about them (besides what their technology has to offer) is that they appear to have some momentum, in a sector where companies have been languishing (for reasons I’ll discuss soon in another blog post).

XpressDox is still rolling out new features. I’ve told them about some I’d like to see.